About Us

LegalComprehensive.com is a Global Legal & Financial search directory and part of a limited liability company formed in the UK on the 30th August 2001. Registered Number 04279101 VAT No: 787 6811 70

LegalComprehensive.com has been designed to offer a consistent client leads and high quality product. Our emphasis is on customer service and longevity of product life.

Launched in April 2013, LegalComprehensive.com offers a comprehensive directory of premier legal & financial professionals from across the globe. The decision to include each individual or firm has been made by LegalComprehensive.com and therefore is at the total discretion of LegalComprehensive.com.

You can not buy entry into LegalComprehensive.com and therefore potential clients, referral partners and anyone using the information contained within LegalComprehensive.com is assured that all data is constructed purely on the merit of the individual professional or firm and not for financial gain.

LegalComprehensive.com’s single aim is to offer its clients an unparalleled free web directory listing of the premier legal & financial professionals in all practice areas.