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Since October, 1982, Mr. Tsai has indulged himself in experiencing all phases of intellectual property laws from preparation to prosecution and then to litigation of patent, trademark, copyright, circuit layout, trade secret, unfair competition and license before instances of courts in this country and other countries.

Brain waves, perseverance and stamina are considered to be most important factors of a successful character. Rich in brain waves, stiff in perseverance and exhaustless in stamina, Mr. Tsai strives for himself to keep pace with all relevant knowledge and practices relating to intellectual property laws. Although he is self-confident enough, he always advises his staff members that there oftentimes are kinds of traps and chances any mankind including he himself might make a mistake in performing any kind of task.

Mr. Tsai is the first patent practitioner in this country who both has technological and law backgrounds and is qualified as a local attorney-at-law. Mr. Tsai had his marine engineering background majored in National Chiao Tung University. Since his involvement in intellectual property in 1982, he has prepared thousands of patent specifications extensively covering works in mechanical, electric, electronic, civil engineering, chemical, semiconductor and medical fields. In the course of his practice, he finished his law degree from National Taiwan University and then passed the bar examination having a pass rate of about 5% in average. During the period of his majoring law subjects, Mr. Tsai experienced and handled diversified disputes over intellectual property laws. In securing his master degree in comparative laws from Soo Chow University, Mr . Tsai had the opportunity of perceiving, interlinking and integrating interdependency, interaction and macroscopic strategy in various aspects of intellectual property laws. He sticks to the view that in the changing society, the only surviving rule of a firm in the competing market is to always provide an upgradedly changing service that others cannot or are unable to soundly provide.

As such, Deep & Far attorneys-at-law that Mr. Tsai founded in February 1992 gradually quickly and stoutly dramatically comes to fame and provides extensive services for most of the most internationalized major incorporations in this country. No one in this country can doubt Deep & Far has successfully deeply rooted in this country in a few years. Any one in this country is verily willing to or cannot but believe through personal experiences or overwhelming ubiquitous eulogies that Deep & Far has a challenging but prosperous far way to go. As such, hardly famous IPR-related disputes in this country find no participation by this firm.

Prior to founding Deep & Far, Mr. Tsai has joined Saint Island International Patent & Trademark Office from 1982 to 1985 where Mr. Tsai established therefor how to make a complete and effective response for a patent application. Mr. Tsai joined Lee & Li Attorneys -At-Law from 1986 to 1987 where Mr. Tsai disseminated how to correctly determine whether there is a patent infringement and primarily handled electric, electronic and other applications for multinational companies including Philips, IBM, AT & T, RCA, 3M …. From 1988 to 1991, Mr. Tsai served as counsel and drafted English patent specifications for various large-, medium-, and small-sized local patent offices. On February 15, 1992, Mr. Tsai founded Deep & Far Attorneys-At-Law attempted to provide a deep and far service for local and international clients.

Mr. Tsai is admitted to practice before the ROC Supreme Court, the Administrative Court, the Taiwan High Court and various district courts. Certainly, he is admitted to practice before the ROC Intellectual Property Office. He is a member of ROC, Taipei, Kaoshiung and Hsinchu Bar Associations, Asian Patent Attorney Association, American Intellectual Property Law Association and International Trademark Association.

Mr. Tsai plainly stands before accomplishments or facts that more than one fifth of the top 100 incorporations were or have ever been clients of this firm and that out of more than 60% of the patent-experienced companies in Hsinchu Science Industrial Park have ever entrusted their IPR works to this firm since in his belief, clients are flowing and will only entrust their works to the firm which can provide competent services therefor at a competitive price.